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Friday, January 19, 2018

mick fanning

SURFER Approved: Mick Fanning’s Boozy Generosity – Taylor Knox' fundraising premiere takes an awesome turn when White Lightning strikes

Last night’s premiere of Taylor Knox’ Bonzer-lionizing film “WI-5” showcased pretty much all the better parts of our eclectic global surfing community. Roughly 300 people came together in a cozy Carlsbad theater to watch their hometown hero, the carving-est Californian of all time, T-Knox, ripping the bag out of waves around the world on the

The Doherty Report: The Pacific Wave Tank – The Festival of Bede, Gabby's freesurf curse, and more from Day Three of the 2017 Hurley Pro Trestles

With the first wave pool event of this brave, new, chlorinated and mechanized era supposedly only a week away, we got a small taste of it yesterday at Trestles, sans pools and pool chemicals. All day long, the vast Pacific wave tank pushed out uniform head-high waves at uniform periods, the long waits between them

Throwback Clip Of The Week: 2008 Billabong Pro J-Bay – Crossing our fingers for more Southern Ocean juice during this year's Jeffreys Bay event

During the last month, an active Southern Ocean has seen swell after swell hammer the South African coast, with multiple epic days at Jeffreys Bay already. With the waiting period for the Corona J-Bay Open starting on July 12th, hopefully this active season is a sign that plenty more waves are en route (Unlike last

Dreamount – Peak season at one of the best right bars in the world

“A minor showreel capturing the east coast’s mid-autumn swell hitting GC’s infamous Greenmount Point,” says filmmaker Jackson O’Brien. We’ll take it! Especially since this bit features Mick Fanning, Mikey Wright, Dingo and a couple other guys whom we haven’t ID’d yet, as we’re too mesmerized by all the reeling lines projecting in and out of

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