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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


The 8-Foot Flu

San Francisco, Calif. — Scientists the world over are baffled by the spread of a new flu-like virus, which appears to affect only those in coastal regions

Going Off Script

Matt Wilkinson’s transformation from party boy to world-title contender proves that competitive surfing today is more unpredictable than ever The post Going Off Script appeared first on SURFER Magazine.

Best Longreads of 2016

The Other North Shore [Issue 57.8] At SURFER, we’re fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented writers, capable of painting vivid pictures of obscure surf scenes, and taking us along for the ride as they explore coastal fringes

Holiday Giveaways: Day 12 – Volcom

The final day of our Holiday Giveaways is here, but this prize package from Volcom will deck your halls for the new year: a surfer’s dream backpack, a dry bag for your wettie, two long-sleeve jackets, a storm coat, and a pair of boardshorts. This kit will see you through the winter, and have you

Arnaud de Rosnay: The Dazzler

Smugger than Justin Bieber on a nude Instagram tear. That’s how I felt a few months ago when I dropped a “10 Most Glamorous Surfers” list, mostly just to get one over on dandy Chas Smith, arbiter of all things fashionable in surf [editor’s note: bullshit]

Kanoa Igarashi: Dream Maker, Heart Breaker

For the final two days of this year’s Pipe Masters, freshman featherweight Kanoa Igarashi played both dream maker and heart breaker, sending close friends Nat Young and Keanu Asing back to the ‘QS grind, while simultaneously securing a spot for his close friend and Quiksilver teammate, Zeke Lau, and delivering the Triple Crown—once within reach

Holiday Giveaways: Day 10 – Dakine

Cover every square inch of your next surf trip with this prize package from Maui-born Dakine. The lucky winner will take home a dry bag, a long-sleeve jacket, two leashes (one regular-sized for mortal days, and the other for when you’re in a charging state of mind), a board bag, a tail pad, and a

30 Years On The North Shore, With Taylor Knox

There are qualities of Taylor Knox’s surfing that have afforded the San Diego leadfoot one of the most active freesurfing careers of anyone you’ll see online, but not all of it involves his powerful style or his focus on proper diet and fitness. Knox has an equal reputation as a pro of class and character,

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