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Friday, January 19, 2018


Watch: ‘Gone Tomorrow’ with the Quik Crew – The Hawaii edition

In this episode of Quiksilver’s “Gone Tomorrow” series, you’ll get a glimpse into the action that has transpired on the North Shore thus far this season. In between the world title race and a Triple Crown showdown, the influx of visiting pro surfers put on a serious show–both in and out of jerseys Surfermag.com


Weedmaps Pipe Experience 2018

Boo Johnson, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Stevie Williams, Marius Syvanen, Tommy Sandoval, and many other WM family members are going to be on the North Shore of Oahu The post Weedmaps Pipe Experience 2018 appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding skateboarding.transworld.com


The Skin Phillips Photo Show

Come one come all! It’s Agenda weekend in Long Beach and this is one of the best events going on. Open to the public, Jan 4 in the LBC skateboarding.transworld.com

Tin Ojeda Dives into the Abstract for New Film – The alternative surf chronicler discusses his next experimental project, "Abstract Rhythms"

New York-based experimental filmmaker Tin Ojeda spent the last half-decade capturing offbeat logging, finless sliding, and alt-craft styling on rolls of black and white, Super 8 and Super 16 film, chopping the footage together to an eclectic soundtrack of improvisational jazz and dissonant noise. Though films like “Daughter,” “Kook Paradise,” and “Expensive Porno Movie” resonated

Jordan's Top 10 Albums of 2017

As someone who leans heavily towards the prog side of music in general, it’s not surprising that my favorite metal albums of 2017 fall into that category. The post Jordan’s Top 10 Albums of 2017 appeared first on Metal Injection metalinjection.com


"The Ditch Diablo" comic book

Behold the cursed realm of The Ditch Diablo! Take a spin through our interactive skate comic book where you choose the adventure. The consequences of your choices are the difference between LIFE and DEATH thrasher.com


TWS Park: Best of 2017

It’s that time of year. Here’s a mega-montage of ripping that went down in the world famous #TWSPark skateboarding.transworld.com


The Illegal Civ Cinema Tour Part 3 of 5

Nico Hiraga, Aramis Hudson, Gary Rogers, and Mikey Alfred at a pop up in Portland sponsored by Zumiez, where kids and the Illegal Civ team where able to connect. The post The Illegal Civ Cinema Tour Part 3 of 5 appeared first on TransWorld SKATEboarding skateboarding.transworld.com


The Follow Up: Joey Guevara

Joey may not be related to Che Guevara but he’s still waging war—with the streets! Peep the photos and read about Joey’s Temple Rhythms part, visiting pyramids, double dipping a Tom Knox song and what it’s like to film a part in good ol’ San Jose. Who needs a plane ticket to get rad? thrasher.com


Joey Guevara's "Temple Rhythms" Part

Trends come and go but classic street skating will never need a tombstone and this Joey Guevara Temple Rhythms part is timeless. Hit play and enjoy the no BS barrage of clips thrasher.com

Northern Touch – Filmmaker Ben Gulliver, the man responsible for films like “Seawolf” and “The Fortune Wild”, brings us behind-the-scenes on a surf trip through unspoiled northern Canada

It’s a challenge to convince professional surfers to sign up for an exploratory trip to a little-known cold-water location, especially when that cold-water location is an island in far northern Canada with unreliable forecasts and 20-foot tide swings. So, when filmmaker Ben Gulliver and photographer Mark McInnis decided to take a swing on this zone,

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