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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Latest News

Erick Winkowski’s Indy Part

Click here to view the embedded video.Winkowski is one of the greats and always comes through with some innovative stunt work that keeps us hungry for more

Mark Hubbard Missed and Remembered

Click here to view the embedded video. As many of you have heard, Grindline Skatepark’s founder Mark Hubbard passed away last week


Jenkem Interview with Nick Trepasso

Have you ever wondered what happened to Nick Trepasso and his career as a professional skateboarder? Times change, trends and popularity shift over the span of a few short years and things happen. Jenkem caught up with him to discuss his life then and now

The Nine Club Episode 100: Tony Hawk

Click here to view the embedded video.Congrats to our friends at The Nine Club on their hundredth episode! Tune in as Tony Hawk discusses his brother giving him his first skateboard and that board ending up in the Smithsonian, getting on Powell Peralta, filming “The Search For Animal Chin”, starting Birdhouse, doing 50 tricks at


Actions REALized Tour Begins Soon

Join the Real Skateboards team on its Actions REALized tour starting at Uprise in Chicago for the premiere of the new Out of Sight series, Tommy Guerrero board release party at Refuge in Detroit to stand up to cancer, a skate jam at The Wig with Dan Mancina and Roll For Rob in Providence

Volcom’s “Terminal Tourist” Video

Click here to view the embedded video.Thrasher Magazine has released this footage with Volcom’s Louie Lopez, GT, Pedro Barros, Provost and Milton Martinez and their friends on a South American tour where spots annihilated

Schaar and Yosozumi Rise Up at Vans Park Series Brazil

Click here to view the embedded video.2018’s Vans Park Series Pro Tour kicked off in São Paulo, Brazil last week under the witness of a lively crowd that spilled out beyond the confines of the bleachers surrounding specifically built new skatepark

The Nine Club – Episode 99: Steven Cales

Click here to view the embedded video. Steven Cales drops by The Nine Club this week to discuss his NY upbringing, getting sponsored, going to prison for the first time, leaving 60/40 for World Industries, his battle with drugs, getting shot in the face, skating for Menace, recently getting sober and much more

Vans Park Series 2018 Rider Profile: Pedro Barros

Click here to view the embedded video.Vans Park Series sparks off its third year in São Paulo and for its first Rider Profile of 2018 they take a dive into the history of Brazil’s native son, Pedro Barros

Jamie Foy’s Spitfire Video Piece Burns Deep

Click here to view the embedded video. 2018’s SOTY Jamie Foy’s fire continues to burn and produce video content that keeps us all hyped and in awe of his talents

The Nine Club Episode #98 – Johnny Layton

Click here to view the embedded video.Creeping up on its 100th episode the Nine Club wrangled Johnny Layton in this week to discuss his beginnings including winning the BMX grand nationals at 10 years old and finding skateboarding soon after

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