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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Kelly Slater

The Doherty Report: The Chlorine Elite – Jets to Lemoore, hardball from Strider, and more from Day One of the 2017 Hurley Pro Trestles

With half the Trestles waiting period having slipped away like sands through the metaphorical hourglass with the Pacific showing few signs of life, haven’t we contemplated, for just a delicious second, airlifting the entire field onto private planes and flying them direct to Lemoore to surf the event in Kelly’s chlorine hot tub? What a

Bethany Hamilton Surfs Kelly’s Wave Pool – "My mind is spinning with how many surfers are going to see this wave and be inspired to push their surfing"

Days after a new edit revealed Kelly Slater’s Lemoore Left (tested and approved by Gerry Lopez), another guest comes to play: the lovely Bethany Hamilton, who logged in serious frontside and backside barrel time while enjoying an afternoon at the Surf Ranch with Gerry, husband Adam, and son Tobias. “Bethany’s backside tube riding is an

Kelly’s Wave, Now Going Left – And all the goofy-footers rejoiced

The Cove, NLand, Occy’s Peak — the wave pool that’s been conspicuously absent from any recent tech news has been the man-made creation in Lemoore, CA. Kelly Slater continued to release footage of new invitees at his surf ranch, but any advancements in the technology itself was surprisingly hushed

Week in Review 8/4/17 – Don't fear making big wave excuses!

Big Surf Excuses Waves too big for your cowardly heart? No problem! Consult this hand dandy excuse guide! Happy B-Day Jack McCoy! Director Jack McCoy turns 69 this week, so enjoy an Occumentary trailer, his finest work. Ride Anything! A photo posted by $terling $pencer (@sterlingspencer) on Nov 11, 2014 at 9:03am PST Instant sponsorship

Throwback Clip Of The Week: 2008 Billabong Pro J-Bay – Crossing our fingers for more Southern Ocean juice during this year's Jeffreys Bay event

During the last month, an active Southern Ocean has seen swell after swell hammer the South African coast, with multiple epic days at Jeffreys Bay already. With the waiting period for the Corona J-Bay Open starting on July 12th, hopefully this active season is a sign that plenty more waves are en route (Unlike last

Once And Future Kings – At an obscure South Pacific reef pass, Kelly Slater and John Florence talk balancing competitive ambition with freesurfing progression

[This feature originally appeared in our June 2017 Issue, “Influencers,” on newsstands and available for download now.] For his 25th surf film, titled Proximity, Taylor Steele took four surfers who defined style, performance, and bravado for the past few decades and paired them with four surfers who carry those same torches today

Help Save One of the Caribbean’s Best Waves – Playa Paunch, Boca del Toro's premier reefbreak, is under threat by development project

[Update: According to Ernesto Gutierrez, the builder of the proposed pier and former president of Surfrider Argentina, the pier’s purpose would be to support the preservation of the reef at Playa Paunch. In speaking with Gutierrez, he told that us he believes the live coral reef near the famed surf spot is jeopardized every day

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