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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kelly Slater

The Greatest Rides from Maxing Cloudbreak in Fiji – 3 minutes of the best rides in our latest Amp Sessions edit

Minds were blown as the highlight clips trickled in during the mega swell that hit Fiji this past weekend. From the viral moments like Ramon Navarro’s massive tube and Makua Rothman’s foamball pitch, to unseen footage of the heavy paddle sessions, watch three minutes of the hard-charging glory and carnage that transpired at maxing Cloudbreak

The Founders’ Cup From the Channel – Award-winning photographer Todd Glaser spent the event in the pool with his camera. Here's what he shot

As the wave pool’s foil reeled back and forth for two days during the Founders’ Cup this weekend at the Surf Ranch, SURFER staff photographer Todd Glaser was in the pool to capture whatever transpired literally in its wake. Enjoy another mindsurf of the synthetic cylinders in the gallery above, or, if you’re too pooled

Slater Breaks Down “Gamma” Model in Wave Pool – The Champ dissects his new surfcraft at his freshwater laboratory

“I could go on all day about surfboard design and fins,” says Slater during an over 7-minute breakdown of his Slater Designs “Gamma” model, various fin setups and the subtle changes in wave conditions that dictate what he puts underfoot. Being a pro surfer doesn’t necessarily require fluency in surfboard design, and while elite-level rippers

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