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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

justin housman

Surfspeak – Why do we talk like surfers, anyway?

Do you have other interests besides surfing? Other life-consuming hobbies or sports, complete with their own unique cultures, charmingly peculiar vocabularies, verbal signifiers of who’s part of the in crowd and who’s not? Can you move freely between the languages of surf and your other interests? I ask because I’ve spent the past few years

Do Something: Chase Swells (Despite Your Job) With Bianca Valenti – "Pull extra weight so you become the most valuable player."

Because professional surfers don’t have nine-to-five jobs, they have the flexibility to chase swells all over the world at the drop of a hat (with the help of deep-pocketed sponsors). But for us regular schlubs? Chasing swells means juggling work requirements, financial pressures and the ever-present doubt about whether or not a particular swell is

Split Peak: Do We Want An Artificial Surfing Future? – Editor Todd Prodanovich and features editor Justin Housman debate the finer points of freshwater surfing

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 will go down as the beginning of a new chapter of surfing competition. Sure, it wasn’t the first contest held in artificial surf (Allentown, Pennsylvania, anyone?) but it was the first time the best surfers in the world gathered to compete in what can certainly be called a world-class artificial wave

Week in Review 8/4/17 – Don't fear making big wave excuses!

Big Surf Excuses Waves too big for your cowardly heart? No problem! Consult this hand dandy excuse guide! Happy B-Day Jack McCoy! Director Jack McCoy turns 69 this week, so enjoy an Occumentary trailer, his finest work. Ride Anything! A photo posted by $terling $pencer (@sterlingspencer) on Nov 11, 2014 at 9:03am PST Instant sponsorship

Rogue Lines: Cyrus Sutton – The storytelling activist surfing needs

[This feature originally appeared in our June 2017 Issue, “Influencers,” on newsstands and available for download now.] Cyrus Sutton, the only child of two college professors, spent many of his formative years exploring the American West with his dad—a “fringe critter,” according to Sutton—in a VW bus, surfing, fly-fishing, and hiking Surfermag.com

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