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Monday, November 20, 2017

John Florence

Throwback: The Perfect 10s of the 2012 Rip Curl Pro Portugal – Revisiting an epic run of swell for the 'CT at Supertubos five years back

The waiting period for the Rip Curl Pro Portugal starts tomorrow and back-to-back swells are stacking up just in time, meaning we ought to see plenty of swell for Supertubos, which—when it’s on—is far and away the best barreling beachbreak on Tour. And considering John Florence thrives in the sort of conditions likely to be

The Doherty Report: And Justice For All – Sean Doherty, on Kelly's Golden Ticket giveaway, Jaddy Baby, Jordy's calves, and more from Day One of the Quik Pro France

The threatened wildcat strike by the powerful Surf Media Union – sparked by the surf press being locked out of Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch event last month by the WSL – was pulled at the last minute today, just before the WSL’s French tour event in Hossegor was due to start. Figuring I had the

The Doherty Report: The Pacific Wave Tank – The Festival of Bede, Gabby's freesurf curse, and more from Day Three of the 2017 Hurley Pro Trestles

With the first wave pool event of this brave, new, chlorinated and mechanized era supposedly only a week away, we got a small taste of it yesterday at Trestles, sans pools and pool chemicals. All day long, the vast Pacific wave tank pushed out uniform head-high waves at uniform periods, the long waits between them

In The Hot Seat: Bede Durbidge – Catching up with Durbidge on his upcoming 'CT retirement, his new coaching gig, and the future of surfing in the Olympics

They say it doesn’t take a ‘CT-level surfer to make a good coach, but it sure as hell helps. Bede Durbidge—who’s spent over a decade on Tour and has multiple ‘CT wins to his name—has maximized his talent on Tour over the years by combo’ing raw ability with wise heat strategy, finishing as high as

Once And Future Kings – At an obscure South Pacific reef pass, Kelly Slater and John Florence talk balancing competitive ambition with freesurfing progression

[This feature originally appeared in our June 2017 Issue, “Influencers,” on newsstands and available for download now.] For his 25th surf film, titled Proximity, Taylor Steele took four surfers who defined style, performance, and bravado for the past few decades and paired them with four surfers who carry those same torches today

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