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Monday, November 20, 2017


El Rancho Grande – Rolando Montes takes his first trip to Indo

Remember back in April, when Puerto Rican Rolando Montes dropped the edit of his first winter on Oahu’s North Shore, and we suddenly had very good reason to follow the travels of Rolando Montes? That, but in Indo now. The kid knows how to make an entrance

Matt Bromley Chases Indonesian Ripples – Time to get risky

Matt Bromley put out Risky Business last December, and when the film dropped, the South African’s performance had us slack-jawed. Fast-forward to just a month ago, and Bromley drops the first episode — a series! Giving the people what they want — of Risky Ripples, directed by Andrew Kaineder, showing the South African track down

Perfect Day: Sumba, Indonesia – A wave for the 1%

While many Indonesian lineups are swarming with visiting surfers, this wave in Sumba, commonly referred to as Nihiwatu or Occy’s Left, has remained relatively uncrowded throughout the years. Thanks to the exclusive resort that fronts the break (which is privately owned by the ex-husband of American fashion mogul Tory Burch), only 10 surfers are allowed

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