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Friday, January 19, 2018


Tin Ojeda Dives into the Abstract for New Film – The alternative surf chronicler discusses his next experimental project, "Abstract Rhythms"

New York-based experimental filmmaker Tin Ojeda spent the last half-decade capturing offbeat logging, finless sliding, and alt-craft styling on rolls of black and white, Super 8 and Super 16 film, chopping the footage together to an eclectic soundtrack of improvisational jazz and dissonant noise. Though films like “Daughter,” “Kook Paradise,” and “Expensive Porno Movie” resonated

Olympic Qualification Process Takes a Bit More Shape – 18 spots will (tentatively) be reserved for WSL athletes in the 2020 Games

Earlier this morning in a press release, the World Surf League and the International Surfing Association (recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the “World Governing Authority for Surfing”) announced the two entities came to a preliminary agreement on how the WSL and the ISA will work together on the qualification process for the upcoming

Blood, Sweat and Tears – The year Aussie upstarts Danny Wills and Mick Campbell almost shocked the world and derailed Kelly Slater’s ’90s world-title spree, from SURFER Volume 40, Number 5

Look at the two fresh-faced Aussie pros in the above profile from May 1999. Danny Wills and Mick Campbell had just wrapped an astonishing year on the World Tour, streaked into the pro surf scene like meteors in 1998, shone as bright as suns, and they did it against some of the all-time greatest competitors,

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