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Tuesday, September 19, 2017


The Doherty Report: What’s He Building in There? – A breakdown of what Kelly's Wave Pool event says about the future of surfing, and what our reactions say about us

A post shared by World Surf League (@wsl) on Sep 19, 2017 at 9:29am PDT Okay, so by now, thanks to a wave of curated and orchestrated social media leaks (vetted and not contravening the NDA), you know there was something going down today at Kelly’s surf tank in Lemoore. I’m playing catch up on


“Vista” Photo Show At The House of Vista

On Saturday night we had a “Vista” photo show over at V-Town’s finest skate shop, The House of Vista in celebration of the Vista skatepark Grand Opening. The day started at the park where best trick contests went down, product was thrown out and the ribbon to the new park was officially cut skateboarding.transworld.com

The Doherty Report: The Pacific Wave Tank – The Festival of Bede, Gabby's freesurf curse, and more from Day Three of the 2017 Hurley Pro Trestles

With the first wave pool event of this brave, new, chlorinated and mechanized era supposedly only a week away, we got a small taste of it yesterday at Trestles, sans pools and pool chemicals. All day long, the vast Pacific wave tank pushed out uniform head-high waves at uniform periods, the long waits between them

History of Surfing: From Tokyo to Tel Aviv – The '60s surf boom goes global

The nation’s surfing population rose at an incredible clip through the ’60s, climbing around 25-percent a year in some areas. Which meant North America’s continental elastic could only hold for so long before surfing stretched, both through intentional promotion and by chance encounters, to populations in South America, Western Europe, and across the world Surfermag.com

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