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Monday, November 20, 2017



Thrasher Radio Ep. 57: Eric Dressen

When it comes to legends in skateboarding, the name Eric Dressen always gets in there. The ‘70s micro-midget talks about Logan Earth Ski, Laura Thornhill and a young kid named Julien Stranger


Shep Dawgs 5 Premiere Photos

Paco and the Shep Dawgs premiered their latest video at the Oceanside Pier stage. Check out some photos here


Clive Dixon's "The Road Scholar" Interview

Clive’s Saturdays part was absolutely bananas. He sat down with Clint Walker before the premiere to talk about the book he’s writing, jumping on 20-stair rails and what it’s like to have the Birdman for a boss


Globe Snake Session Contest Photos

Globe opened its doors Friday night to host the first annual Snake Sessions mini-ramp contest. Check out some photos here


Half a Century of Hosoi

Christian Hosoi celebrated his 50th birthday at the Combi Bowl with live music and a heavy session. Check out some photos here


Jake Hayes Interview

What do vegemite, a pair of turd-filled undies and a dead kangaroo all have in common? They’re all discussed in Jake Hayes’ interview. Cure your boredom, man


Aesop Rock's "Hot Dogs" Music Video

“Hot Dogs” is a audio/video project celebrating the tangents of a delirious brain over the course of a late-night skate to the store. –Aesop Rock


Toy Machine x Active Halloween 2017 Demo

The Bloodsucking Skateboard Company always goes all out for Halloween and this year was no exception as Toy Machine took their annual demo to Active Headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga. Loyal pawns rejoice! —Ben Karpinski


Halloween Hellride 2017 Photos

Diamond and Thrasher kicked off their 6th annual Halloween Hellride this year with a new contest formula, integrating a fresh street course mixed with the classic bowl-style jam for maximum chaos. Check out some photos here


Zion Wright Thrash and Burn Interview

Zion opens up about the porno-plastered van, snapping the nose and deck of his board in the same slam and skating with angels. Thrash N Burn is heavenly


Wax the Coping: Foster Huntington Interview

Seen Pool Scum yet? It’s a stop-motion animation backyard-bowl-skating masterpiece! Sieben chats with Foster Huntington, the creator of the cartoon. Dude lives in a treehouse

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