Monday, November 20, 2017


72 Hours, Starring The Dorians and The Mad Hueys – We gave two teams an extended weekend to make a full-fledged edit. Who did it best?

If we gave you 72 hours to create an entertaining surf edit–from conception to final cuts–do you think you could do it? Fifteen, twenty years ago, most people would’ve balked at the challenge, citing expensive costs or confusing technology as valid excuses. But with the advent of user-friendly (and budget-friendly) camera gear, nearly anyone can

Behind the Scenes of ‘Under an Arctic Sky’ – The making of a cold-water surf adventure

Earlier this year, photographer Chris Burkard and filmmaker Ben Weiland premiered their Icelandic adventure, “Under An Arctic Sky,” which featured surfers Sam Hammer, Timmy Reyes and Justin Quintal. The crew ventured to one of the most remote corners of the world to find waves and journeyed through one miserable-looking storm to get there

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